Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have had a wisdom tooth out and a filling and have been in pain all weekend. It was in the chair and took the dentist just over 20 minutes to pull it out, this was AFTER getting the filling done. So i was in the chair, in total, for 1.5 hours and my poor mouth was splitting.

So unfortunatley no workouts as I just couldn't manage to get any blood pumping around my body too much as the constant thumping in my face was enough! I have been on the maximum amount of pain killers since Thursday. I really didn't think I would be in this much pain as I have had others out before. But dentist said it is normal as it was so hard to get out and he bruised the jaw. I am seeing him tomorrow arvo to get the stitches out and hopefully will be able to eat normally within a day or so. Up until now, I haven't been very good with eating as it was just too hard (and painful) to eat anything. So lots of protein drinks, soup, soft cheese and yoghurt etc!

I am training some girls tomorrow night....I usually join in - and hopefully I still can - as I really want to get a workout in. But we will see how we go :)

I did get SOME exercise on the weekend. Hubby and I are getting new carpets in today so we had to remove all furniture out of 3 bedrooms and a loungeroom, rip up carpets and paint all the rooms. It took us quite a few hours so I am sure I burnt off some calories hahahahha Hubby let me have little breaks as the pain got unbearable a few times....couldn't put my head down low without the thumping getting worse.

Tonight when I get home from work we have the fun job of putting everything back!!!

I just can't wait until it is done and I hope the carpet we picked doesn't look too dark!!!

Happy Training xxx

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