Thursday, June 4, 2009

I got my stitches out last night, FINALLY! I still have some pain (it has been 8 days)….but I am on another course of antibiotics which should help.

Last night was my first “proper” workout since I went to the dentist over a week ago. I trained 3 other girls....we usually train on a Tuesday night but moved it to Wednesday this week. It went well, I still had some thumping pain in my jaw but it only got worse every time I stopped after a sprint or boxing so I just kept on going and going.

The girls that I train are really excited with every workout and getting really fit. It was great that they all had the same amount of energy and enthusiasm as me. Finally they have realised that as much as they hate the thought of training (pain) or can't be bothered (tired), they feel 10 times better once they are finished :)

I am really proud of my sister too, she is doing well although the scales do not show her effort at this stage. She is really pushing herself and when I tell her to do something…she does it (usually after calling me a “bitch” first LOL).

We trained at one girls house as the weather was crappy and I can only do outdoor park activities or one on one in my house. Her partner is a personal trainer (I am convinced he is on the roids!!!), and he helped us with the boxing aspect of the workout. We had two of us boxing and the other two doing weights.

He showed me a couple of different things which was great and which I can use when I train myself and others. He said I should definitely get my certification as he can see that I have a lot of knowledge already and it is something that I love and would be really good at!!! Nice little ego boost LOL (fingers crossed I can save the money for the course and be certified by January/February next year… Can’t wait )

I only just found out her husband was a personal trainer and that surprises me as she is not fit and toned at all! It just goes to show that with all the help in the world it is still up to you, and you alone, to stay focused, determined and make the change to get what you want.

The workout

full body circuit

upright rows
shoulder presses
lateral raises
smith machine squat
cardio boxing for 20 mins
push-ups and ab work
finished with 15 min run including sprints

So training for the rest of the week is:

Friday – cardio, elliptical
Saturday – should/tri
Sunday – cardio and painting my bathroom, yay

Happy Training xxxx

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  1. Hey sunshine! the reason for your sisters lack of progress on the scales is because shes cheating/eating more than she should - unfortunately you cant outtrain bad habits/diets. But its great that she's doing good :)
    Good luck with the porridge, its great now that its soooooo cold! and the eggs makes it creamy!! mmmm