Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workout this morning was GREAT!!!!! I had so much energy and really pushed myself to my limits.

I did a run on the treddie as it was bucketing down outside. Run for 25 mins at 10km per/hour and then I did 1 min sprints at 14km per/hour with 25-30 sec breather. I sweated like there was no tomorrow…I think the gym didn’t have the air-con on at all :(

Last night I trained two girls. We had a good workout and they were happy to do whatever I told them. They have really increased their cardio fitness since we started a few weeks back and I am really happy with their progress.

Our workout consisted of: walking lunges, push-ups, 30m runs, burpees (they hate these), mountain climbers, medicine ball toss, boxing for about 20 mins then a lap of the oval and ab work then cool down.

I had intended on doing a boxing class at lunch today but going to see how I go. After my run this morning I am feeling pretty average…just had a coffee and feeling somewhat better. Hopefully I am not catching what hubby has…..I HATE being sick and can’t really afford to have any time off work. Although staying home with hubby, curled up on the couch would be wonderful!!!!!

Send me your healthy vibes LOL

Happy Training xxxxx

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