Thursday, June 25, 2009


What a has been manic and I haven't had a single night at home in 6 days!!!

Tonight I will be snuggling with hubby and watching a DVD and can't wait.

Unfortunately diet has been off this week....actually since the weekend. TOM and I have been super emotional and craving chocolate like there is no tomorrow. I feel a bit bad that I have given in to each craving but I suppose sometimes you just gotta do it!

Back on track now and thankfully my weight doesn't seem to have suffered with the extra non-nutritious calories LOL

Training has been on and off. I have only done shoulders/tris this week and done cardio once!! Not like me at all but this TOM has really knocked me around a bit. I will hit the gym tomorrow morning for some much needed cardio.

Nothing else to report unfortunately and I realise this is a really crappy post LOL


Mands xxx

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