Monday, June 8, 2009

My oh my how quick the weekends go.......

I had a great one...Friday and Saturday tidied up the house and sorted out our study and got the house "sparkling" clean :) Sunday morning I met some girlfriends for coffee which was so lovely- we have decided to do this the first sunday of each month.

After coffee I headed to the gym. Shoulders/tris and cardio.

shul presses
lateral raises
front raises
ez bar bi curl
crossover curl
tri ext
tri pushdown

30 min run on the treddie

Sunday arvo we headed to our local pub for drinks for hubby's birthday. Ended up being a bit of a biggie and everyone came back to our place for drinks. It was fun although I am pretty shattered this morning. I dont tend to do much on Sunday nights and wasn't in bed until 11ish after everyone left and I did a little tidy up.


I have been eating really clean (goal of 5kgs loss by August is looking promising). I have been eating mainly the same things each day - creature of habit - so oats and eggwhites morning, banana/apple and protein shake for morning tea, salad with tuna/chicken lunch, protein shake arvo then protein and veggies for dinner. Every third day or so I add in some rice/pasta to boost carb intake then back down again. My body responds better this way as I tend to get too bloated and feel awful on carbs.


I am now training another friend of mine (and possibly a second if she doesn't chicken out) every Sunday morning. She said she is very unfit and needs me to whip her into shape. She also plans to lose 5kgs but in 4 months which is a sinch!!! Yay another project and more experience :)

Happy Training xxxxx

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