Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Monday

Weekend was great. Saturday was pretty busy. Got up, went for a run…only 30 mins. Then headed to my nan’s for a visit. Felt absolutely shattered after being there for an hour. Had a strong cup of coffee and felt a bit more human.

Then headed to my mates place to help her pack and move some stuff to their new house. Saturday night way too tired to do anything so hubby and I cooked a nice dinner, had a glass of wine and chilled in front of a DVD. I love this weather for snuggling :)

Sunday, trained my two girlfriends in the morning. They did really well. One of them did feel sick about 20 mins in but she was really good about and had a couple of minutes rest and then got straight back into it. I went easy on her as she hasn’t done ANY exercise in about a year (I really have no idea how people can let things get so out of hand!!!). I have heard from them both this morning saying they are pretty sore and getting out of bed was a struggle. I assured them that after a few weeks they will be heaps fitter and not as sore after each session (and they will be able to do more than 5 women’s push-ups). They are really motivated to stick with this and I love that they enjoyed it and are keen to keep going.

I love it…..I know I was born to do this as a career and not stuck behind a desk working for others and not getting any satisfaction out of each day.

Happy Training xxx

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